2-3 June2022
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Antonio Cobo

Two years of pandemic for our mental health: and now what?

Antonio Cobo at JSConf Budapest 2022

Covid-19 has changed the world. As someone working in IT I was one of the privileged who could work from home. It was not a choice, we had to work from home as a matter of survival. This situation has made an impact on our mental health. Things that were not important before, now they are critical. Others that were important before, they are not relevant anymore.

Lots of people have shared with me how the pandemic was for them and their families. I will share with you some of those stories. After this talk you will know how they survived and improved during this pandemic and you will be able to apply several tips so you can thrive and improve on this new way of living as they did!

Antonio is a Principal Consultant at Contino with 20 years experience in the IT industry and specialises in Agile methodologies. He comes from a technical background, starting his career as a Java Developer in Spain in 2000, moving to different roles within IT in three different countries. Antonio is passionate about creating and implementing the best solution while continually seeking to improve work methodologies. He is convinced that most of the problems in IT are due to lack of communication!

Antonio usually speaks about Agile, DevOps, Project Management and Team management at conferences across Europe and US, such as DevOps Days, JAX and Voxxed Days.