2-3 June2022
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Moran Weber

7±2 Reasons Psychology Will Help You Write Better Code

Moran Weber at JSConf Budapest 2022

During the Cold War, the CIA knew how to expose Russian spies disguised as American citizens with 100% certainty. They used only a piece of paper and a few questions. How did they do that? Hacking your mind is easier than you think. Let’s explore how these mental hacks affect the code we all read and write. We’ll take a stroll through the world of cognitive psychology, and shed some light on some of our industry’s best and worst practices. We’ll have a few interactive examples of our mind’s limitations, examine how these limitations manifest themselves in real code samples and engineering practices, and take away scientifically backed techniques on how to write better code.

Moran Weber is the CEO & Founder of Women on Stage; a platform to showcase, book, and train women professional speakers for any tech event, conference, meetup, or webinar (https://www.womenonstage.net/). She’s formerly Tech Lead at Wix with 11 years of experience in software development, and also a Social Psychologist, holding an MA in Social Psychology, along with a BSc in Computer Science and Psychology from Tel-Aviv University. Moran used to have major stage fright and impostor syndrome but after she overcame her anxieties and became a public speaker herself, she decided to go on a mission to amplify women’s voices everywhere.