2-3 June2022
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Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi

To kill a working drone: flying a drone with twitter, bananas & Web APIs

Nhlanhla Lucky Nkosi at JSConf Budapest 2022

The web is fast becoming the main means through which people interact with all sorts of technologies. With every new invention, users ask "but can it work with a browser?" With modern Web APIs, the answer is almost always yes; even to the question "can you fly a drone with a banana?"

In this talk, I show the audience the power of said APIs and discuss a few cool experimental APIs. I do this by taking them on a journey through my experience of trying to hack a drone and fly it with a banana and close it off by letting the entire crowd fly the drone through Twitter in real-time.

If you're interested in all things web, custom controllers, Bluetooth technology, and accelerometer-based controls, or if you just like fruit and seeing silly applications of web technology, this talk is for you.

I work as a Software Engineer in the R&D team of a company called BBD in Johannesburg, South Africa. I have experience in building and maintaining enterprise banking software with varying tech-stacks; all the way from VB6 and .Net to web and cloud technologies.

Some of my biggest interests are education and activism. To feed these passions, I am currently also a lecturer at Wits University's Digital Arts department, a Board member of the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, and a national coordinator for the DSAC Social Cohesion Advocates board.