2-3 June2022
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Noa Katsovich

What I've learned on Being a better Engineer from being a Product Manager

Noa Katsovich at JSConf Budapest 2022

As developers, when we start hearing about the feature we are going to develop - we begin to imagine the solution in our heads and try to solve the challenge as soon as we can. But WAIT - is it the RIGHT solution? We may develop quality code and still produce mediocre software. This is why we should look more into the context of software as a whole.

In this talk, we will explore some questions we should ask ourselves before starting to code. After this talk, you will learn what is required to code more efficiently. After a couple of times, it can become your superpower! Trust me; I'm a product manager.

Noa has more than a decade of experience as a Software Engineer and a Product Manager - Creating, designing and executing products. Now she works as a Product Manager at Fiverr.

Noa holds an MBA with a specialization in technology management from the College of Management and a B.Sc in Computer Science.
She's also the founder of LIFT, an initiative to engage and empower women in organizations, powered by Woman2Woman – 8200 Alumni association.

In her spare time, she enjoys CrossFit, yoga and coffee - not necessarily in that order.