2-3 June2022
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Tiger Oakes

Building interactive wall decor from junk phones

Tiger Oakes at JSConf Budapest 2022

Why throw away your old phones when you can create a digital work of art? With just some basic arts and crafts skills, you can build a collage of phones with wires intertwining and running across your wall like a circuit board. It can display photo galleries, shopping lists, music visualizations, and make a wicked Zoom background.

In this talk, you'll learn how Node.js and a Raspberry Pi can manage multiple Android devices over USB. We'll explore how to build visualizations using browser APIs, and how to integrate with the wider Internet of Things. Let's give your old mobile phones a new life.

An enthusiastic member of the World Wide Web Consortium, Tiger Oakes loves tinkering with the web. After growing up with dead zones in Hawaii, Tiger wants to make web apps that work offline and load fast. He works on Progressive Web App support in Microsoft Edge, and previously worked on Mozilla Firefox for Android and Google Chrome for Android. In his spare time, Tiger searches for geocaches with his partner.