2-3 June2022
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Handing technical debt in a fast-scaling software company

Littledata has grown rapidly as an ecommerce data platform, and the initial architectural choices (monolith app built using MeteorJS) were limiting growth as we scaled the engineering team beyond 15 people.

Engineering leads from Littledata talk through how we have tackled these challenges, covering object-oriented design, serverless architecture, Kubernetes and dependency injection.

Dealing with technical debt:

  • Littledata’s technologies
  • Why does technical debt matter?
  • Refactoring monolith Meteor.JS app to microservices and micro frontend
  • Prioritising refactoring vs feature development

The first 5 principles of Object Oriented Design:

  • What makes you a SOLID developer
  • Single Responsibility
  • Open Closed
  • Liskow Substitution
  • Interface Segregation
  • Dependency Inversion

Moving to serverless:

  • Why we chose AWS Lambda
  • Problems of serverless setup
  • Is serverless always better?
  • Why use Kubernetes

How Does Kubernetes work:

  • Kubernetes vs Docker
  • Kubernetes Advantages
  • Kubernetes Orchestration
  • Kubernetes Monitoring

You need Dependency Injection:

  • What is Dependency Injection
  • How it enables decoupling
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Does Test Driven Development lead to DI?
  • Why is so easy to write unit tests when using DI

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